Join us for our next meeting on August 31

In the world of modern communication, there are tricks, tools and tactics flying at us daily at roughly the speed of neurons firing in the brain (by the way, there’s now a camera that can keep up that pace: approximately 223 mph).

For PR pros, social media strategists, marketers and communicators, there is virtually no feasible way to keep up with all the resources that exist to help us do our jobs (while simultaneously doing our jobs). It’s impossible to read up on all the trends and cut through all the clutter to identify which communication tools and tactics are genuinely useful for saving time and improving processes… and which are no more than a flash in the pan.

Instead of doing things the way they’ve always been done, tap into the single best source for understanding which emerging tools and tactics are worth their weight in gold: your peers. Join us for a lively, crowd-sourced conversation focused on revealing the gems your friends and colleagues use daily – you’ll leave with a handful of useful tips to immediately apply when you return to the office (not to mention a wealth of ideas and a refreshed outlook on the profession).

This PR Tools, Tactics & Timesavers session will be facilitated by Beth Stephens, director of Soapbox Insights + Influence (a division of Kendal King Group focused on crowdsourcing shopper insights and activating influencers).