Ever wondered how you can produce a quick and relevant video using just your smartphone?

Join us this month as Videographer Alex Stewart and Digital Media Manager Logan Webster share tips and tools for making usable videos on a smartphone. Learn the basics about lighting, sound, composition and the best video production applications, and discover how to easily impress and engage your website and social media followers.

About Our Speakers:

As a videographer for Tyson Foods, Alex finds creative solutions for sharing content with internal and external audiences. He has extensive experience producing and editing videos. Prior to joining Tyson Foods, he worked at Shift PR, a Maryland-based public relations firm, where he produced videos for documentaries and promotional campaigns.

As digital media manager for Tyson Foods, Logan is responsible for corporate social media channels as well as public relations issues Tyson Foods’ faces as they relate to digital engagement. Through this role and prior work with the University of Arkansas, Razorback Athletics and the United States Senate, he has developed extensive media production skills.