Descriptions & Responsibilities

Committee members gain new ideas, make valuable business contacts, learn about job opportunities, earn confidence and valuable skills, and develop their leadership abilities. All committee positions are a one-year appointment. Committees will be responsible for providing the board with a brief summary of activities at the end of each month.

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Accreditation Committee
Purpose: The Accreditation Committee promotes the Accreditation in Public Relations (APR) designation, which is open to those with at least five years of professional, full-time PR experience. APR is earned by passing examinations that test competence in and knowledge of the public relations field. Responsibilities include:

  • Providing support to those seeking this professional accreditation.
  • Increasing APR involvement in chapter committees and activities.
  • Serving on a readiness review panel for candidates, mentoring candidates, finding locations and coordinating logistics and materials for preparation classes.

APEX Awards Committee
Purpose: The APEX Awards Committee promotes participation in the chapter’s awards program (as needed). Responsibilities include:

  • Selecting a theme, planning the event, working with the facility, reviewing award criteria and arranging entry judges.
  • Preparing the “Call for Entry” mailing, arranging entries for display, publicizing winners and coordinating reciprocal judging of another chapter’s entries.

Communications Committee
Purpose: The Communications Committee is the central contact for routine chapter communications. The committee notifies members about chapter events and activities, including meeting dates, times, and places. Responsibilities include:

  • Promoting events and activities through email, social media and on the chapter’s website.
  • Accepting all email reservations for those events and activities and sharing with the Programs/Hospitality Committee.
  • Maintaining the chapter’s website, ensuring information is up-to-date and all hyperlinks are functioning properly.

Membership Committee
Purpose: The Membership Committee is focused on the sustainability and growth of the chapter through member recruitment and retention. The committee places equal emphasis on attracting new members, reinforcing the value of membership for all through meaningful benefits and positive member experiences, and encouraging continued growth and development through leadership positions. Responsibilities include:

  • Developing/implementing an outreach plan for each area of concentration (corporations, nonprofits, agencies, independent practitioners, young professionals, etc.).
  • Identifying and cultivating new member prospects.
  • Promoting PRSA membership promotions.
  • Promoting the value of membership through innovative recruitment efforts.
  • Planning and executing a new member reception and periodic recruiting and membership events.
  • Reaching out to new members, helping them feel welcome, identifying interests and encouraging active participation. Committee members will be responsible for personal phone calls to new members, meeting them at monthly programs and introducing them to others.
  • Following up with lapsing members to encourage their continued membership.
  • Encouraging active and engaged members to move into leadership positions.

Programs/Hospitality Committee
Purpose: The Program/Hospitality Committee works with the board to establish the annual meeting calendar and meeting presentations, as well as select program locations and menus. Responsibilities include:

  • Selecting topics, recruiting the speakers, and coordinating the logistics.
  • Collecting speakers’ bios and headshots.
  • Working with Communications Committee on event promotions.
  • Selecting and reserving meeting locations and menu options.
  • Making appropriate arrangements with the presenter and providing on-site support.
  • Helping plan and organize special events and programs.

PRSSA Liaison Committee
Purpose: The PRSSA Liaison Committee works with PRSSA student chapters at Northwest Arkansas colleges and universities to help prepare them for entry in the public relations profession, and involvement with our NWA chapter. The committee hosts programs and events to provide professional development and networking opportunities that can jump-start their careers in the field. Responsibilities include:

  • Coordinating, planning and guiding activities for members of the various PRSSA chapters throughout the Northwest Arkansas region.
  • Developing PRSA-PRSSA policies.

Sponsorship Committee
Purpose: The Sponsorship Committee is responsible for helping to solicit much-needed funding to support the operations of PRSA-NWA and the activities that comprise benefits of membership. The committee focuses its efforts on securing corporate and agency support and ensuring that sponsors receive value for their financial and in-kind contributions. Responsibilities include:

  • Reviewing chapter sponsorship guidelines and making recommendations to the board.
  • Identifying sponsorship needs for various programs/chapter activities.
  • Developing and implementing a plan to identify potential sponsors.
  • Soliciting and pursuing sponsorship opportunities; coordinating fulfillment.